Frequently Asked Questions   
Before contacting us for support, review the following questions and answers - perhaps you may find your answer(s) there?

Q: Can I get whitelisted on your official server?
A: No, sorry. It's only for the selected few.

Q: Why is there a whitelist?
A: We have a whitelist requirement to prevent griefing and for us to know who's actually playing on our server.

Q: Why should I play this modpack instead of X?
A: We're not saying you should, it's all about personal preference.

Q: Did you make these mods?
A: No, none of these mods were made by us. More information about the mods can be found on the 'mods' page.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: No, we do not. We however highly encourage donations to the makers of the mods.

More questions and answers will be added as we receive them.

   Contacting Us   
Do you have any questions, that are not listed above, or do you want more information about the modpack or perhaps about a specific mod?

The following email-addresses can be used to reach us. We do check our emails regularly.
General questions or suggestions related to Minehack are to be sent to this address. Try to be as detailed as possible.
Are you having issues with the launcher or perhaps the modpack in general? Send e-mails to this address!